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Online Slot Games are Popular Trends of Entertainment and Huge Earning

Slot machine or simply slot is very popular gambling gaming options in many countries of the world. Also called the fruit machine or the poker machine, these machines have three or more spinning reels operated by a button. Slot game constitutes of almost 70 percent of total gambling income in US casinos. Online Slots
, in the modern days has become so popular that famous slot operators like William Hill have come up with many innovative concepts of this game. 

Slot has almost more than a century old history. While it is purely a game of chance, it may appear to involve skills because of the involvement of technology and effects. This is not played against any player, but the machine; the objective is to win money from the machine. The symbols that appear on the spinning reel or the video screen, if matched give a win or reward set accordingly. The symbols used can be like images of fruits, letters, numerals, or simple shapes like diamonds, hearts, or bells. In modern video slot machines, they use animated cartoon characters or images of popular actors or singers etc. 

Special Terms of the Game 


In the case when certain special symbols in a winning combination appear, the Bonus feature is activated. A bonus can give some special session of free spins, or the player is gifted with optional items on the screen from which to choose. In some cases, a bonus reveals the total amount of money you have won so far. 


This is an indicator (light) on the top of the slot machine that alerts the operator about any changes if required, or about hand pay or any hardware problem. 

Hand Pay:

If the payout amount exceeds the maximum limit preset by the slot machine’s operator, the extra amount of money is paid to the player by an attendant or at any exchange point called as ‘cage’. This is known as hand pay. 

Credit Meter:

Credit meter is a display of LED lights that shows the amount of credit or money on the machine. The design of the credit meter differs from machine to machine. 

Coin Hopper:

This is a container to hold the coins to be paid out immediately. When the player presses the cash out button, the coin hopper rotates coins into a tray. 

Carousel: Carousel is the grouping of slot machines to form a circle or oval formation. 

EMG: EMG stands for Electronic Gaming Machine

Low Level/Slant Top: The slot machine that has stool to enable the players sit down access.

Stand Up/Upright: There are machines where the players play standing.

Taste: This is a small amount of money paid out the player to keep him seated and keep on betting in the game.

Payline: A line of various shapes (such as (horizontal, vertical, triangular, oblique, zigzag, trapeziodal, etc.) that crosses one symbol on each reel. A winning combination is evaluated along the Payline. The numbers of Paylines vary between nine paylines in Classic spinning reel machines to as many as one hundred in video slot machines.

Rollup: This is dramatization of the winning moment by playing sound when the meter counts up to the amount won.

Mobile: When the slot machine is hosted for online gambling, such as use on a mobile phone, tablet, or other smart devices, it is referred to as mobile.

Mobile slot machines are being main attraction of winning big money these days. Practically this game requires no special skill. Anyone can try his or her luck and go away with millions of dollars daily. If you are fond of the game and want to make big money why not to give it a try.