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In the sports betting ODDEST is betting on fixed quota specifications of a game event (egg Toreros, winner team or combination of the results of various sports). The minimum bet at ODDEST is fundamentally at 2.50 €. There are maximum limits per visit of several hundred euros possible. player sports enthusiasts can combine their own interests with a game of chance and therefore often have a particularly high level of motivation to participate in sports betting as ODDEST.

At the same time, there is often an overestimation of their own abilities in terms of the game play (because the game play can NEVER be 100% predicted). Knowledge about Lineups and abilities, players will, for example, overestimated. Betting At high gains and losses are possible . Betting possess a particularly great danger to favor the development of addiction.

Bet fair is an online provider of sports betting. This means that the sports bets are offered exclusively through the company's website. Bet fair was founded in Austria and is now one of the top bookmakers, especially for German speaking bettors. Who is not a customer of Bet fair and betting provider creates a new account, get the first deposit as a welcome gift a 100% Inter wetter deposit Bonus - paid up to 100 euros. This means that the betting account when you sign up at Bet fair and get 100 EURO paid, shall be credited by the 100 percent Bonus total of 200 EURO.

At Bet fair you can give sports betting on many sports events. One focus puts the suppliers work on soccer. In this area, the betting offer is very extensive. In addition to the top leagues such as the German Bundling, the Premier League or the Primer Division, as well as the Champions League or League, there are also many betting on lower divisions. Course has Inter wetter but also a wealth of other sports betting offer. Whether ice hockey, tennis, basketball and motor sports - Inter wetter all customers get their money.

With the launch of the modernized Live console in 2010, Bet fair has settled in the area of ​​live betting among the best. There are too many events in the live console next to the quota live streams. This means that customers of the betting provider can track on the website sporting events in real time.