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Tips Of Horse Racing

Horse Racing be subject to other statutory provisions as the other sports betting. It is bet on the order of running of the participating horses. The bets are made ​​either on the track or with a bookmaker. Since the entry into force of the new State Treaty on Gambling (July 2012) allowed to host sports betting in addition to public betting companies now include a limited number of private providers.

The agreement provides that for a seven-year probationary period nationwide maximum of 20 licenses to private sports betting provider. Deviating can sports betting, betting on the final result are to be approved during the current sporting event (Emerge wetter). Betting on individual transactions during the sporting event (event betting) are excluded. "(Extract from article 21, paragraph 4 of the State Treaty on Gambling)

The own abilities to predict a sports result , are usually overestimated . For example, the knowledge is often overvalued by the team's formation, as a result high betting sums are frequently used and - lost - in most cases. Especially for live betting caution, because in this form of betting new inserts can be made ​​continuously. Accumulated losses fall from view or to be compensated by ever played. The hunt for the next income makes up a large part of the "suction" in sports betting.

Even so-called "Fast-profits" contribute to the hazard potential of sports betting. If a game result was "just" typed wrong, so the actual outcome of the game gets close, the game is lost though. However, it is often perceived by the game ends, as if they had almost won. A "Short" Output can nurture the hope "really" to win in the next round.

It can high winning amounts are obtained - for many a major incentive for (further) games. Especially with online betting but also in betting shops is the availability or the accessibility of gambling high . In online sports betting is also usually paid by credit card, is so that the overview of the playful sums quickly lost. online sports betting were banned in Germany so far. With the entry into force of the new State Gambling Treaty allowed under well-defined conditions sports bets are offered on the Internet.