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In sports betting is to bet outcome of a sporting event - for example, on which team will win or which basketball is achieved. In contrast to games of chance, which depend entirely on chance (in roulette is the probability of winning for each different number of equal size), the game ends can thereby use their sports knowledge and their (mostly purported) "background knowledge".

Just the factor "knowledge" but makes up part of the special hazard potential of sports bets from, - because often, the ability to predict the outcome of a football game, for example, significantly overestimated . The own sports knowledge give the game ends, so to speak, a false sense of security - because even a sports result can not be predicted .

A particularly risky variant of the sports betting system is the so-called "Live Bet" . It is typed on an event during a game. The game ends will be put under severe time pressure - in this way the potential danger of this form of betting is rising in comparison to other sports betting (where the tips are placed before the sporting event). First of , you have to , while the masses about their bets as to get rid of the teams go from time to time , you can find only a few such sport activities betting betting fans that continuously generate huge sales of soccer betting , and that is , simply , because they have the right online betting technique that she helped people reap significant considerable revenues from betting.

The game ends so hardly have time for reflection and for example, weigh their use sum or to decide not to play on. They lack the "cooling off period" after the game - under these conditions, many are losing control over their own gambling behavior. This risk is also reflected in the survey results: For people who participate in live betting, a five-fold risk for problematic or dependent play behavior was determined.

Oddest is a form of sports betting, it is at the fixed odds betting on the outcome of a sporting event - for example, on which team will win, look like the half-time or with which Torrens out a game. From the quotas established the possible winning amount can be determined. Oddset is offered by the German Toto and Lotto block (DOLBY).